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New game, new chances. To celebrate design criticism and to stimulate design writing, Archined and Designplatform Rotterdam are organizing a new edition of the Simon Mari Pruys Award for design criticism and the Geert Bekaert Award for architecture criticism.

For this edition of the Pruys-Bekaert Awards, designers and architects have submitted their new or previously published essays on the theme of world views. They will have the chance to share their ideas with a design-oriented public.

Members of the jury are Kirsten Algera (design historian and -critic and editor MacGuffin Magazine), Jan Boelen (product designer, artistic director Z33 and head of the department of the master Social Design at the Design Academy) and Hicham Khalidi (director Van Eyck, Maastricht).

Theme: Word Views
A world view is a comprehensive concept or theory about the world and the place of humankind in it. It is an intellectual construction that allows the analyses of events and their meaning and that includes perspectives for answers to existential questions. In the context of architecture and design, these could be political, moral, ethical or aesthetic foundations from which designs or designers depart.

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